Sunday, December 6, 2009

Missunderstood Minds Homework Questions

Additional Comment: Response to homework Questions

a. The simulation made you feel confused. It was difficult to concentrate on the task and really difficult when additional distractions were added to the mix. The simulations gave you a good understanding of just how difficult it is to perform an easy task when you are distracted or unable to focus.

b. The conclusion would be that children with disabilities will need clear instructions, given at a pace that is understandable. Asking the child if they understand the instructions and if they have questions about the task. As well, teaching at the level of the student.


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  1. I totally agree with you. The simulations did make one feel confused. I was glad that we did them though because it really helped me to understand how to work with my students better.

    To comment on your response asking students if they understand the instructions and if they have questions sometimes works but I would really have the students TELL you what the directions were or answer the first few questions with you. I do this with my students so that there are NO QUESTIONS and they know exactly what they are suppose to do. See if that works!