Saturday, January 30, 2010

Action Research

For my action research project I am focusing on improving the spelling skills a 5th grade special education student. It has been a lot of fun designing this intervention and the student has responded incredibly well to the intervention. I called the Project " Two Times". What happens is the students get repeat spelling instruction twice a day for 10 to 15 min. the second session of the day is always a repeat activity from the day before so it reduces the transition and understanding time of the activity. It seems like it has worked out very well and i have now had to change my Design model from ABA to AB because I am teaching this student every day for the rest of the year and to now take away the intervention when he is having such great results would be crazy. Since we have control of our research I thought it was the only fair way to treat the student. One part of the research that I am still playing with is how in depth the second session needs to be to have effectiveness. I have kept it consistent for this study but think it would be nice to test at ome point how much of the second session is needed. I will save that for next time. All is well in the land. Blessings

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